Choosing the Right Sensor

Hamilton H3C
Hamilton H330
The best sensor for indoor environment monitoring at this time is the Hamilton H330 that measures temperature, humidity, illuminance, magnetic field, acceleration and radiant temperature. This is the most cost effective sensor, and uses the least energy. An H330 sensor should last about five years in an average deployment. More Details / Buy Now


Hamilton H7C
Hamilton H370
For occupant motion tracking, the H370 combines all H330 sensors with Passive Infrared motion sensing. The PIR sensor uses more energy when there are people moving near it, so depending on your use case it could last 2-4 years on a battery. More Details / Buy Now

Hamilton HG1

Hamilton HG1
The HG1 is a powered gateway that connects to the internet via an Ethernet port and sends sensor data to the Hamilton cloud service. One gateway is required for up to 1000 sensors within an approximately 30 foot radius. More Details / Buy Now

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