Hamilton H7C (PIR) - 20 Sensors Pack

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Pack of 20 Hamilton 7C Sensors (Requires gateway to use).

Included in package

  • 20x Hamilton 7C generation 3 sensors
  • 20x CR123A batteries
  • 20x Hamilton Cloud Basic licenses (already programmed into the sensors)

The H7C is identical to the H3C but includes a high-sensitivity Passive Infrared motion sensor. Each sensor captures:

 Sensor  Precision / Calibration  Transducer
Air Temperature 0.1 C / 0.2 C TI HDC1080
Air Humidity 0.1 % / 2 % TI HDC1080
Illuminance 550nm 1 lx / 5 lx Broadcom APDS-9007
3-axis Acceleration  - Freescale FXOS8700
3-axis Magnetometer - Freescale FXOS8700
Radiant temperature - TI TMP006
Motion and presence - Panasonic EKMB1101111

Ultra-low power: sensors have a 5 year battery life with included battery.

Each sensor includes a perpetual Hamilton Cloud Basic license which allows the sensor to connect to the Hamilton Cloud via a gateway (not included) and store up to 3 months of data. Accessing data older than 3 months requires an active Hamilton Cloud Premium license which can be purchased on the Account page on your Hamilton Cloud dashboard.




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