Hamilton Gateway 1st Gen

Hamilton HG1 - Gateway

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To connect Hamilton sensors to the internet, a gateway is required. 

The gateway connects to an existing wired network, and can receive data from up to 1000 Hamiltons sensors within an approximately 30 foot radius. Range in indoor deployments can vary from 20 feet to 100 feet depending on factors such as wall materials and interference from WiFi infrastructure.

Package contents:

  • HG1 gateway
  • USB license dongle
  • 2A Micro-usb power supply

An Ethernet cable is not included, but will be required to connect the gateway to your network. The included license (on the USB dongle) grants:

  • Unlimited automatic firmware updates
  • Access to Hamilton GateKeeper on the Hamilton Cloud for gateway remote monitoring and configuration

Multiple gateways can be deployed in the same building, the Hamilton Cloud will ensure that only one copy of each sensor measurement is stored. All sensor data remains encrypted on the path from the sensor to the Hamilton Cloud, the gateway itself does not decrypt the data, preserving your privacy even if attackers physically compromise the gateway.




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